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Just a boring coder with boring life, who want to write something
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Does the statement above sound like you? If yes then high-five ✋ I was that kind of person who believes writing a checklist is just a waste of time. When I started my software engineering career, I smugly dismissed To-Do lists. I didn’t think I needed the overhead, and I believed I could just keep track of tasks in my head. Within few years I start noticing the tasks falling through the cracks. I knew I had…

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By the time I wrote this article, it has been 4 months since the release of php 8 which is 26 November 2020. It’s hard to believe, but the new version already in the corner. As part of this release, you will benefit from performance improvements — thanks to the new JIT Compiler. But you will also enjoy useful new operators and types, attributes, match expression and so much more. In this article, I will show you what you need to know about the new features and I will explain it in detail.

1. The Null Safe Operator

<?phpclass User {…

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As a software engineer, the question of what makes an effective software engineer has always been on my mind. I always thought working more hours would produce more value. The harder we worked, the more value we could produce, and the more likely it would make your company successful. I want to make a meaningful impact, but I couldn’t help but wonder, Was putting in 60- to 80-hour weeks really the most effective way of ensuring your company's success? The intentions were sound, but could we have worked smarter? …


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